Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just another week

Well this week my little guy Nick has not been feeling well took him to the Dr. Yesterday and he has Strep he has been sick about every month this year. So I made appointments for both of my boys to get their tonsils out.

Cy, not many know but he has ADHD he is a great kid but I really hate the fact that I have to give him meds to help him be that great kid. I have been reading so many studies that are starting to show that there could be something with tonsils that have a connection with ADHD. So I talked to his Dr. And she has heard and seen some studies on it also. Also talked to his Teacher and she has done her own independent study and has noticed huge differences in kids after they get their tonsils out. Could this just be a coincidence yes but if I never have to give my son a med for that again I would be a very happy mom.

We were suppose to go to Winnemucca today to do a little riding and watch Spring Creek in Zone Basketball. Well since Nick is sick I stayed home and let Seth take my bike riding. He works hard and he deserves a break.

Some also know I have been changing my life a bit. Trying to be more healthy. Well this week I refuse to weigh in. But in the last 4 weeks I lost 20lbs I am very happy about that but everyone has bad weeks and I think this was mine I will do better next week. I wasn't terrible this week but I am in charge so no weigh in. LOL

I had my second to last basketball game this week I love this game. We only had 6 players and there were about 6 mins left in the first half when I jammed my finger. I said ouch but felt fine until someone asked if I was ok, I looked down at my finger and my pinky and it looked like the letter Z it was gross. So I popped it back in (I just dislocated it) And played all but the last 3 mins of the first half and came back in the second half and played the whole second half. My finger bruised up pretty bad and swelled really good but it will be ok with time. One more game next week on Wednesday than my games are over I am so sad about that. But Seth said he would start playing with me so that is great. WOOHOO!!!

Ok I think I bored everyone out of their minds enough for today so until next week have a great one all who decide to follow me on this blog.

Monday, February 15, 2010

A little insite about us.

Ok well like it already says we are a very cozy little family of 4. Which includes Me (Tracy), Seth, Cy and Nick. I have the best family ever!!!

I am a lunch lady yes I have heard the Adam Sadler song. LOL My husband is a Heavy equipment mechanic at a gold mine here in Northern Nevada.

My boys are in elementary school Cy is in 3rd grade and Nick is in 1st.

We do a lot of stuff as a family one thing we do most as a family is we go to the Dunes Sand Dunes. We love sand. I have a Honda 450 quad, Seth is in between quads dirtbikes right now. He may end up with his old dirtbike or he may end up with another quad he hasn't made up his mind yet. Cy has a Raptor 250, and Nick has a LT80. We as a family have a Rhino that we can all go for a ride in. We love the Sand!!

The whole point to this blog is to kind of show off pics and share out trips as a family. Probably a little personal info along the way also so that we can get to know each other. ;) If anyone out there has something they would be interested in sharing or would like to talk about bring it up. I love to help people and I do it often.

I come from a great family when my mom and dad were married my mom already had 2 kids my brother Todd and my sister Marcy. My dad adopted them and treated them as his own no one could ever tell him they weren't his what a great dad to be able to do that. Than they had me and my two little sisters.

Last year we lost my dad complications from a liver transplant. That was the darkest day in my life. Next month he will be gone a year. He was a great man and will be remembered by many fondly.

My mom is the best person ever she has a kind heart and loves everyone. Sometimes she cares to much and does more for people than she should but that is her.

I feel I have some good and some bad from both my mom and dad and I love the parts that make me, me that I got from them.

Well that is the little intro for now. I will try to do better next time. Hope you all enjoy this blog and can find something that will help you all in your life one way or another.

Thanks for reading. Until next time. :)