Saturday, April 3, 2010

Well today was scary. My youngest Nick if anyone reads this knows that both boys got their tonsils out. Well one of the possible side effects is bleeding only a 5% chance of that, so when the scabs fall off they start bleeding again. Well Nick was in that 5% he started bleeding today not just a little blood in his spit I mean LOTS of blood pouring out of his mouth like water it was a very scary 5 or so mins. Thank goodness a little cold water and it re-clotted. So all better for now I hope it doesn't happen again. I was really stressed. Ok another day down almost. Few!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Well I have been slacking on this Blog thing. LOL At any rate a lot of stuff going on.

Last week on Tuesday my boys both finally got their tonsils and adenoids out. I went to a different ENT and he took them out. He said he was glad he did because they had deceptively large Tonsils. They are doing great now still whinning once in awhile but for the most part doing well.

Last Friday night we had a Great friend die in a Car accident he was only 30yrs old. R.I.P. Coop you will always be remembered fondly and we will love you forever. Can't wait to ride with you on the other side.

Needless to say it has been a very rough week for me. I am really not liking March anymore. We used to have really bad luck in February now it seems to have moved to March. Great. :(

Easter is upon us and I am so not ready gonna go spend Sunday with my mom and family a nice Ham dinner it will be nice. I hope.

I went to the Dr. for my finger that I thought I just dislocated. Well I did just dislocate it but it caused my tendands (sp) to go to either side of my finger instead of running over the top of it so since I waited so long to get it checked out it isn't just a minor problem anymore and I have to go to SLC to get surgery done to make it straighten again. GREAT can't wait. UGH. O well I am sure I will probably get better care in SLC anyway.

Ok well off for 9 days with my boys can't wait to sleep in. I hope they let me.

Thanks for reading if anyone is. LOL