Sunday, September 26, 2010

Well I have been slacking a lot and not keeping up on this so I thought I better at least update a bit.

Life has been crazy lately I have 2 kids playing 2 different sports Nick is in Football and Cy is in Basketball usually I have a game or practice or both or 2 of the same everyday but Sunday. Plus school has obviously started back up so we have that and I have work back up again so yes I am exhausted. UGH

At anyrate it is going well Nick has had 4 games so far 1 loss 2 wins and 1 tie. Cy has had 2 games so far 1 loss and one win!! They are doing great though and having a blast and that is all that matters.

Work is going well but we lost 2 people this year so we have had lots of subs. One of the new girls Melissa who I know started last week I like her and she seems to be doing really well I hope she stay's around. The other new person starts on Tuesday this week I hope she works out. The new thing they decided to do this year is rotate the three of us part timers so we won't be stuck in the same job all the time. I personally think it will be a good thing I hope the others feel the same way.

Seth has been working a lot of OT trying to pay some stuff off and hopefully get another used but good vehicle that he can take to work that is good on fuel and isn't as cold as our old Ford so we can put the old Ford down for some work and get it ready for Cy when he is old enough to drive that is what he want's so we need it nice and reliable for our kids.

Anyway I think that is about it ( I think it is enough) for now. Just a little update hope your all doing well too!!

Until next time I am out.........