Saturday, March 6, 2010

Well to add to last time I was here I took both boys to the ENT this week and he decided that neither of them need their tonsils out at this time. WTF if I say take them out why not just take my money and take them out. I don't get it. He said they both have huge glands and that is a sign of getting tonsillitis a lot but because it isn't documented apparently they need more signs of infection before he will take them out. STUPID!! It's like he is saying I want them to get sick more before I will take them out why do my kids need to get sick more before he will take them out.

Ok sorry I had to Rant for a second. LOL

Well nothing to exciting has happened this week. A year ago on March 3rd my Dad died so it was a rough week for me. And tonight my little one Nick had a rough night he came out of his room crying and telling me how much he misses Grandpa and wishes he was still alive. He has such a big heart he is a great kid and I am such a proud mom to have him and so lucky he is mine. I have a song that reminds me of my dad and it is by Nickelback called Never gonna be alone. If you get a chance listen to it I cry almost everytime. But it is now me and Dad's song. I love you Dad and miss you so much. Thanks for everything you have ever done for me and for making me the Woman I am today.

Ok I think that is all for now. I need to stop. So until next time. Love you all!!

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